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Branded Content

Capture and brand content for social media

Live World can provide you with a partial or full service for your event or activation. 

Add value to your guests experience by adding the Social Printer for instant printing or a Professional Photographer to capture high quality photos in low light environments allowing you to brand, print, share or send the content. 

Photos courtesy of Biz Brand Cam

Full Service

Packages start with 1-2 day hire - $950

Monthly packages available

Prices exclude GST


  • Full use of Software & Functionality
  • Customised Branding & Design
  • Pre-programmed iPad

Additional Products:

  • Social Printer
    - Print branded photos instantly
    - Includes staff training
    Starts from 1-2 day hire - $750
    • Consumables (400 prints per roll) charged at $180 per roll
  • Experienced Activation Staff - $40 per hour
  • Pre-programmed iPad - $150
  • Professional Photographers (capture, post & print high quality branded photos) - From $100 per hour