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Capture, brand, share and print content instantly with Live World

Live World are social media and engagement experts.  We offer a range of social media products suitable for one off events or longer term licensing for semi-permanent hire, multiple events, activations and retail situations that provide lasting impressions. 

We assist the interaction you have with your consumers, guests and customers to live beyond that touchpoint, maximising social reach and providing on-going engagement.


Utilising guests’ smartphones, selfies, photos and videos can be taken anywhere and at any time.  


Print it

Print branded photos from social media within 20 seconds using our Social Printer. 

Share it

Share branded content to guests’ social media channels, or post the content to your brand’s Facebook Fan page. 

Send it

Email the branded content to guests and capture approved data. 

Display it

Aggregate and instantly display content from social media on a customised feed at your venue or embed the feed within your website. 

Live World offer a range of products that utilise six social media channels to engage with your audience. Each product can be used in isolation or as part of a social mix.


Live World works with some of New Zealand's top brands 

Terlise Cooper